Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Second Skype Non-Bake Bake-Off! Bake Date. Yeah. Date. Not Bake-Off. Um.

Well, as I have suspected for some time now, my housemate's cup measures in the second drawer (you know how cutlery is always in the top drawer, and useful things are always in the second drawer?) do not actually measure One Metric Cup. No, apparently the large cup-ish sized cup measures 1 Decilitre. I don't truly know what that is, as I've never had to measure 1 Decilitre, but there you have it. I was warily using it as a rough guide to 1 Cup, and yeah. Turns out that it's really not. However, I have discovered that cinnamon sugar disguises the flavour of anything...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Second Skype Bake-Off...I mean, Bake Date (Preview)

This afternoon (later in the morning, for my sweet), I will be embarking on a second Skype Bake Date with Pamela. I think it's funny that Pam called it a "Bake-Off" at first and now has changed it to "Bake Date". Tee-hee-hee. :-D

We've both prepared a dessert dish beforehand to accompany the Atkins-friendly drink that we will be making together later, but I had a little bit of an ingredient issue. As this was a traditional Aussie dish, I did not have access to special ingredients, such as "golden syrup" or "COPHA shortening". Heck, I didn't even know what a lamington pan was (though I think I figured it out ;-)).

But, I survived the substitute dilemma, as well as a near-metric-conversion-fail, and am ready to indulge in some serious chocolate action later today...with my sweetheart, of course. ;-)

Here's a preview pic!

A transfer of ingredients...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Different food cultures

Well, tomorrow, my sweet Joseph and I are going to have another Skype Bake Date, now that he's finished with his film internship, and I'm finished with my Master's degree. I'm surprised that either of us had any energy to talk to each other at all for the first half of November, but there you have it. We've both recovered, and it's time to move on! So this is just a teaser post for tomorrow's event, but I just had to update to express my astonishment at the fact that Joe had no idea what golden syrup was. Or Copha vegetable shortening. Or a lamington pan. I mean, this is more than just "sweet biscuits" this time! Golden syrup?! Does America not have any form of treacle?! I'll be very interested to see what the crafty Joe has come up with as a substitute. Until tomorrow, folks!