Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pam & Joe in the U.S.A. - Yes, Pam, P is for *Pancakes*

Looking for a late meal and Pammy never been to an IHOP and didn't know it stood for International House of Pancakes! Her face of joyous realization? Priceless. :-)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

LIVE BLOG: Pam travels to the U.S.

Hey, folks!

This blog entry will highlight Pam's travels to the U.S., as well as my travels to N.Y. to meet her (seeing that Pam will be off the grid for 18 hours travelling across the Pacific!):

11/16/11, EST, USA - 6:07 PM
Pam informs me she has gone through Customs and is now at the gate! Next step: 13-hour flight from Sydney to L.A.
-Joe R.

11/16/2011, EST, USA - 7:23 PM
Went on my half-hour break and discovered Pam has *already* boarded her plane! :-) I'm happy she's on, but wish I got to talk to her before she boarded.

Next step: 5-hour flight from L.A. to N.Y.C.

I'll have some steps to complete to meet her there. Speak soon!

-Joe R.

11/17/2011, EST, USA - 10:13 AM

Last minute, as always! Just finished packing and am now being taken to 30th Street Station. Parents say I'm bringing too many bags... ah, well! :-D

Next step: Train to Trenton, NJ.

-Joe R.

11/17/2011, EST, USA - 10:40 AM

At 30th Street, already waiting for train to Trenton. 8-) Thanks, Mom & Dad! :-)

BREAKING! Just got a call from Pam!!! :-) She has landed in L.A. and is now awaiting the next plane to N.Y.C. She called me despite it probably costing her a "buttload" (my words, not hers). When asked how much, her response was, "....I'll tell you later." :-!

In the meantime, this one's for Pam:

She's landed!

See you soon, hon!

-Joe R.

11/17/2011, EST, USA - 11:18 AM

On train to Trenton. Should be about an hour. Forgot to send myself the itinerary, but I know the steps. ;-)

Next Step (Pam): Flight to N.Y.C.

Next Step (Joe): Train to N.Y. Penn Station.

-Joe R.

11/17/2011, EST, USA - 12:29 PM

Me, chilling on train to New York.

Next step: Subway to Harlem; check in.

-Joe R.

11/17/2011, EST, USA - 3:12 PM

Allie's Inn!!! Pam, you're going to *love* this! :-)

-Joe R.