Saturday, September 3, 2011

Skype Bake Date - Pinwheel Biscuits

This happened back in May 17, but I've been poor with keeping up to date with the blog. I hope you accept my heartfelt apologies. :-)

This was our first Skype Date with the kids! Alia, Nik and I shared both the cooking and picture-taking duties. It was a bit crazy trying to follow a recipe with two hyper kids, but I think Pam would agree that this Skype Date was fun.

It is in reverse order, starting with the finished product and working back. That's just how the uploader organized it. Don't ask me why. *rolls eyes* I've included some of the random pics that *one* (?) of my kids took while the others were preparing the dish.


Very aesthetically pleasing, but if you know anything about cookies, probably cut a bit too thick. :-P Still, Pam is impressed! 8-)

Alia and Nik posing in front of the biscuits.

So that's how they do it!

I believe Alia was helping me knead.

Random photo #3: the front of a storage organizer box. Those kids loved that box.

Alia measuring up some flour.

Random photo #2: Some power tools on the floor.

The above two pictures almost line up! :-P

Random photo #1: Nik's artwork on top of the cookie sheet. Nikki...