Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pam's Birthday Dinner at The Athenian Greek Restaurant (Sydney)

So blessed to have so many lovely friends come along to my birthday dinner at The Athenian Greek Restaurant in Sydney.

Haloumi (my dearest friend)

L-R: Kaine, Karuna, Joelene, Paul, me, Ellen, Maia

L-R: Kaine, Karuna, Maia, me

L-R: Timmee, Andrew, B, me, Mikey, Pippa, Julian

My love and me <3

L-R: Kaine, Karuna, Joelene, Maia

Me with the beautiful Ellen

Paul, Joelene and I

MIKEY! ... and I.

And then Mikey, B, Joe and I went to a nearby bar which lives in the 1930s, Palmer & Co. Adorable and highly recommended. I also highly recommend their cocktail list.