Sunday, January 15, 2012

WHIZ WIT'!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam's First Cheesesteak
Cheez Whiz, With Onions
Pat's Steaks, Philadelphia, PA
November, 2011

Revolting. And amazing.
Joe ate half. Hehe.

We were going to try one of Geno's steaks, too...
But they had a racist sign up on the window.
You won't win friends that way, Geno.
Even with shiny lights.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

THE LION KING, on Broadway (Friday 18 November, 2011)

[Joe's note: This would be part 2 of my blog, though Pam wrote this separately. ;-)]

What an incredible night. Joe and I wrapped up our fantastic day at Rockefeller Centre with a night at THE LION KING, which we both just loved.

What I loved was how intimately I already knew the story. The play was so faithful to the movie. There were a couple of new songs, but because I knew the story so well, I was able to focus on elements I wasn't familiar with and really enjoy them.

The costuming was incredible. The animals portrayed onstage were just stunning. (I hope you watched the video above!) I cried when it all started! The beautiful voice of Rafiki piercing the stillness in the auditorium with the opening number, and then all of these incredible actors snaking through the audience with huge lifeline animals created in midair above them - it was just magical. What a beautiful thing to witness.

The singing was very agreeable, and the costuming and staging were second-to-none. I was most impressed, and was moved to tears many times by the beautiful relationships onstage between the main characters. Just gorgeous.
Queuing up with our tickets (the first in line!):

After the show:

Joe and I finished up our night with an elegant and delicious dinner at Ruby Foo's Pan-Asian Restaurant near Broadway. Fabulous! My particular favourite was the New York Sushi. Yum! We had the nicest waiter in the world. Really fabulous restaurant. Beautiful drapes and cosy atmosphere, and the lighting was so romantic. We had the nicest time, and the food was soooooo good.

Great, great day. *yawn* By this time, it was about 1am, so we headed home to bed. :-)