Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Friends

Before embarking on our Christmas trip to the States, we threw a small dinner party at home for a few friends - and it was great! Joe made another delicious turkey, and I baked my face off with caramel slice, truffles-- you name it, we made it. Sass brought pumpkin pie tartlets, Pippa made bread, B brought cake and wine-- all in all, a festively delicious affair.

And here are some pictures of our extremely attractive friends in our apartment at dinner, plus some of our festive fare.

Sass and Ellen

Wine from B

Pippa's homemade bread

B and Pip

Mikey and Javier


Pam's caramel slice
Old Family Favourite!!
(recipe from Condensed Milk tin)

B's cake, festooned with B's lights

The host and hostess


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